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Sep 7, 2013

Re definining the purpose of this blog: Concept paper


To gather and share knowledge on Emerging and Re-emerging infectious diseases in South Asian
countries especially Nepal.
  • To welcome members from all sphere to engage in scientific dialogue
  • To encourage innovative ideas and discussion on them
  • To keep up with literature
  • To improve critical thinking
  • To demonstrate continuing educationt
  • To promote evidence –based practice
  • To promote social contact
Blog Members:
Blog membership will run on a voluntary basis.
Roles and Responsibilities:
The most important criterion for this blog membership is a deep interest in research discussion, so as to nurture the purpose of this blog.
  • Sets the ground rules for this blog
  • Makes sure blog posts are timely
  • Coordinates to bring relevant science agenda for posting
  • Promotes this blog through social media

The post for this blog will be published from now onwards once in a week.

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  • Linkedin

Future Plans:
Connect + Connect + Connect = continuity = visibility

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Anuj in Himalayas

Hi i am connecting disqus with my blog for healthy interaction and open dialogue