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Sep 6, 2013

John D Clemens and his thoughts on Female Health Community Voluteers

During my almost 5 years of surveillance medical officer (SMO) experience, I travelled to > 60 districts out of 75 distrcts in Nepal, I have observed and found that female community volunteers are the foundation for delivering public health services at the level of family. Without them, I am of the opinion, Nepal would not have achieved success like Bangladesh has, in the field of mother and child's health.

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A good article to read:

John D. Clemens
Executive Director, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh

Article Highlight:

While there are no “magic bullets” that can help developing nations reach MDGs 4 and 5 by 2015, lessons can be learned from Bangladesh’s equity focus, in particular the effective use of young, well-trained, local women to deliver an integrated package of family planning and primary healthcare to their communities.

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