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Oct 24, 2015

Landscape of Viral Hepatitis E in Nepal - let us explore what can we do to advocate for its control and prevention (Part 2)

In my previous blog post - I wrote briefly to understand the basics of Viral Hepatitis E (HEV), which is one of the basic requirements before we even contest ourselves in the business of prevention and control of HEV in Nepal or anywhere. Again to review what I remember - HEV is RNA virus single stranded and in particular - genotype 1 and 2 are related with outbreaks in human beings. This is considered neglected tropical diseases, however slowly - there is a growing interest in this disease because it has significant health impact among pregnant women. Well, now it is time for funders, governments and academicians to work and bring out preventive and control measures in the table for discussion. Otherwise - it will always be limited to news media !! Bottom line - it is time to act through something concrete for people to rely on when they are sick or even before they are sick !!

In this respect, Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD) under the leadership of Dr. Babu Ram Marasini, who is the current director with support from his staff teams like Dr. Guan Nidhi Sharma, Deputy Health Administrator has taken a bold step to convene HEV symposium in Kahtmandu in middle of chaos and uncertainty. We have to acknowledge this step taken since we know this initiative will lay foundation for future initiatives. Simply - we do not want to hear any more HEV outbreaks in our vicinity and of course in news media. It should be made history forever !! We can do it and we have human resource and tools for it. For you information - HEV symposium will be held on 6 to 7 Nov, 2015.


In this effort, we have seen a close collaboration between EDCD, UNICEF, WHO, IVI and GTA. We look forward to engaging fruitful discussion thereby will bring out recommendation to formulate national strategy in the control and prevention of HEV in Nepal.

    24 Oct, 2015
Seoul, South Korea

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