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Jul 16, 2014

Educational Video - World Hepatitis Day 2014

I got INVITE to write !!

Now, I am back from 3 weeks of home leave. As always, I reached office early in the morning and checked e - mails. Hundreds of mails !! I patiently scrolled through all and responded to those urgent and organized the rest in files. Today, I am particularly interested in one mail sent by Linkedin .This is an invitation to write. Wah...For me this is so important that I am excited but whenever, i think of writing I go through a kind of "uneasiness" how to start and what to write? Nonetheless, I am getting a dominant positive thought that this must be the beginning and I should act on it. After all, each of us improve and start doing well only after continuous practice. There is no shortcut !!

To begin, I have to be honest, I am not a professional writer. However, one thing is common to everybody and that is, everybody has something to say - that is STORY of their own. Also, we have to start somewhere early in your career or late. It does not matter, how good or bad you write. My only intention here is to write, write and write. Nothing more, nothing less !! So let me start by saying that i am going to write whatever comes through my mind. After all, it will not be any worthless irrational thoughts.
Story begins. This time, I planned my leave in different in a way. I planned about it a month back. As always, early planning makes everything better in terms efficiency and it saves lot of time & of course, your money. Above all, one important feeling has taken over me and realized after returning back to Seoul that this trip is in a way spiritual journey. Seeing the dire situation of our country and all the cacophony that your hear has made me in thinking mode. What next?
To forget those noises and begin the journey of hope, let me briefly walk you through short reminiscence of my childhood and professional career that started from Nepal and now in Seoul. I come from a rural mountainous part of Nepal. Like any child, I had many dreams like joining British Gurkha army or be a trekking guide. As time progressed, I completed high school and lucky enough to enter a university in Kathmandu, where I got inspired to study science and dreamed of becoming a doctor. I studied hard day and night. Somebody rightly said that "luck favors those prepared mind". I was lucky because I prepared hard and entered a government medical college. It was here that I understood the value of health research in order to expand our limited knowledge.
On completion of med school, I worked in a hospital in eastern part of the country for a couple of years. Here, I come across face to face with various infectious diseases as a result of poor drinking water, sanitation and poverty like acute diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, measles like illness, poliomyelitis, tetanus, rabies. During this period, I would say, I partially understood the nature of diseases of the impoverished, so I took up a jot at WHO – Program for Immunization Preventable Diseases, Nepal. As a surveillance medical officer, this job required application of core public health competencies, which is a combination of social skills and knowledge based on evidence. I had to manage Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPDs) surveillance, conduct mass vaccination and investigate disease outbreaks & reports of adverse events following immunization. During this job, I realized, I need to develop myself further in the field of health research.
Fortunately, I got an opportunity to work for International Vaccine Institute (IVI) that requires skills and knowledge in clinical development of vaccines for fighting diseases that mostly affects children in the developing countries. To further my career, I have cherished a dream that I am able to master health research skills, so I can train more health professionals able to conduct quality health research in Nepal.

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