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Jul 22, 2013


“As the dew is dried up by the morning sun, / So are mankind’s sins at the sight of Himalaya,” read the Puranas. That was before global travel reached the remotest peaks and before climate change threatened the glaciers. And that was when artists painted Vaishnavi as an idealized form without evidence of muscle or bone.

"Now, HIV-infected sex-trafficked women and girls from Nepal are more likely than those not infected to also have syphilis and hepatitis B. In one of her many manifestations, Vaishnavi protected her devotees from fear and gave them peace. The task now falls on global public health and its multiple hands."
## I happen to google searching for emerging diseases in Nepal. I came across Emerg Infect Dis. 2008 June; 14(6): 1009–1010. In the front page, there was the picture of Vaishnavi, a Hindu deity. Reading through the page, it writes on a rich historical past of Himalayan kingdom and also, talks about the natural beauty blended with rich artistic Newari culture. Such was Nepal, the birthplace for Budhism, which is philosophy that preach equality and moral ethics that is relevant now more than ever. It was also a melting pot for various religious thoughts like Hinduism and Jainism to co - exist in continious intellectual dialogue and discourse searching for the meaning of life in simplicity

 ## But now, it is sad to read in this prestigious scientific paper, the flight of poor women from village especially of untouchables and other underpriviledged community, who are being sold to sex brothels in cities inside and outside of country. There are many reasons, why this is happening. If I go into that area of discourse, I will be emotional rather than rationale in my writing. So, I will not touch upon that. However, it is now important for Nepalese and Indian government to act tough on human trafficking. Just take, physical health issues apart from  psycho - social effects, it has brought upon our society, this has cost us huge amount of health budget in caring them. Bitter truth is that most of them, who dare to come back home escaping brutality, come with HIV / Hep B or Hep C infection only to die in Nepal rather in sex den, where they are treated not even like a dog. Atleast a dog can bark, when it prefers to and loiter around the city free !!
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