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Dec 3, 2014

On Viral Hepatitis E - Part 2

      Causative Organism:
      It is a viral illness caused by hepatotropic (loves to infect liver) RNA virus.

Mode of transmission:

Faeco - oral transmission due to compromised water, sanitation and hygiene

Sign and symptoms:

Generalized weakness / lethargy / nausea and vomiting / Jaundice


Acute fulminant hepatic failure especially during pregnancy


  •          Clinical diagnosis
  •          Serological diagnosis

Preventive measures:
  •             Hygiene (hand washing,  clean water and proper sanitation)
  •             Control of patient, contacts and the immediate environment
  •       Epidemic measure through proper epi investigation
  •       Vaccination (still it needs more research / evidence  for justification to its use in the community)
      More on HEV in Nepal:


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