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Jun 22, 2013

Report of Cholera Outbreaks in India


Source: Time of India (TOI)

Time: May - June, 2013

Place: Goa State, central jail at Aguada and the judicial lock-up at Mapusa.

  • 15 prisoners from the central jail were admitted at the Goa Medical College, Bambolim on May 31
  • 128 inmates of central jail at Aguada and the judicial lock-up at Mapusa were sick (last week of May - 1st week of June)
Laboratory Test:
 It is reported that some water samples were taken from the central jail by health services and food and drug administration officials, it tested positive for the E. coli bacteria, which suggest that the drinking water was contaminated by human excreta. However, it is not reported whether fresh / rectal stool examination for Vibrio cholerae was done or not. Nonetheless, the clinicians are pretty sure that the clinical features pointed towards cholera. There was also report of 1 death from acute diarrheal illness thus reported.
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